Sabin Finance, an overview

Sabin Finance provides financial, investment and management consulting services in domestic and international markets. Understanding of different industrial sectors in Iranian economy coupled with extensive contact with highly respected network of economic and financial institutions has transformed Sabin Finance in to a hub providing the most innovative solutions to successful institutions active in industrial and service sectors.
Our extensive networking with national and international investors, banks and financial institutions has been quite instrumental in promoting business of our clients particularly in the area of credit facility arrangement. With deep knowledge and understanding of business environment and Iranian economy and extensive interaction with main industrial players, SABIN FINANCE ranks among top consulting firms in Iran providing advisory services to national and international investors.

Sabin Finance, Member of Sabin Economics Group

Flexibility, agility and dominant position in market are fundamental factors for sustainability and growth of corporations in current economic environment.
Sabin  Economics Group (SABIN) as the holding company of Sabin Finance is now regarded as one of the influential financial holdings with major impact on Iranian money and capital markets.

As a member of Sabin Economics Group , taking advantage of the knowledge base of group of highly qualified professionals, Sabin Finance provides its financial, investment and management advisory services in the most efficient and cost effective manner.
Sabin group includes leasing company, insurance, brokerage and asset management, mutual funds, trade and trade finance services.